MIKE RICHARDSON CONSTRUCTION remodels home in Lake Arrowhead, CA for "Building Homes for Heros". During the process a home that was dontaed by Chase bank and funded by Building Homes for Heros was remodeled by Mike Richardson Construction. At the completion of the project, there was a large party, attended by the family receiving the home and their friends and family as well as local law enforcment, the Mike Richarson Construction crew, and fellow military who had been wounded while serving our country.

February 2, 2016 DISCOVERY CHANNEL

Take a look at this video of a Mike Richardson Construction project in Lake Arrowhead California that was featured on Discovery Channel.

June 28, 2015

With an increase in housing prices and the large number of distressed homes bought during the previous market slow down, construction in Lake Arrowhead has significantly picked up. As you travel around the mountain, you will notice an increase in additions and repairs as well and new home construction. Lake Arrowhead contractors have their work cut out to keep up with the demand.

July 07 2011

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with James Hardie. It is our goal to serve Lake Arrowhead and surrounding communities with a combination of the James Hardie line of products and our exceptional customer service, and superior craftsmanship. To learn more about fiber cement siding and the advantages over wood or vinyl siding, take a look at our siding in Lake Arrowhead

Oct 10 2009

With the influx of contractors that have come up on the mountain as the construction market has slowed and the recent fires have provided additional work, it is important to remember that local contractors have knowledge and expertise that out of town outfits can not provide.

Sep 26 2009

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Sep 19 2009

Residents feel that the high quality of life experienced in their neighborhoods today should not be degraded by growth and the subsequent impacts of traffic congestion, strains on infrastructure and threats to natural resources. The clean air, ambient quiet, dark skies, abundant wildlife and rich natural vegetation are valued highly by residents as well as by the visitors who frequent the area. Residents are concerned about the conversion of natural open space to development and particularly to a type of development that detracts from the natural setting and the mountain character currently enjoyed by the community. The preservation of the community's natural setting, small-town atmosphere and mountain character becomes important not only from an environmental sustainability perspective, but from a cultural and economic point of view.

Sep 12 2009

Permits in the Lake Arrowhead area for week of 9/12
Lake Arrowhead
Total Permits 11
Deck alterations 4
Roof demo 6
Retaining Wall 1
Total Permits 10
Remodel or Addition 2
Parking Deck 1
Deck 3
Roof Replacement 3
Plumbing 1
Running Springs
Total Permits 9
Solar Installation 1
Temporary Use 1
Deck 2
Field Investigation 2
Retaining Wall 2
Remodel or Addition 1
Information compiled from San Bernardino county Building and Safety Weekly Permit Activity Report dated 09/06/2009 - 09/12/2009

May Sep 05 2009

Lake Arrowhead History and Community Plan In 1851, when the Mormons purchased land from the early Spanish settlers and founded the City of San Bernardino, there was an immediate need for lumber to build homes, churches, stores, and civic buildings. During the 1860s, as the area attracted settlers into the valley, there was a heavy demand on the lumber mills that were scattered across the mountain top. During this period, the Lake Arrowhead area was opened to logging. At various times, there were mills in Twin Peaks, Blue Jay, Grass Valley, Cedar Glen and what is now Lake Arrowhead. By the late 1800s the value of the mountains as a watershed to protect and foster growth in the valley became apparent. In 1890, Congress enacted the Forest Reserve Act, and in 1893 the San Bernardino Forest Reserve was established. Businessmen in the area organized the Arrowhead Reservoir Company and constructed Little Bear dam in 1904 to create a large reservoir in Little Bear Valley. In 1912, the plans were halted by a State Supreme Court decision that water from one watershed could not be diverted to another for irrigation. Later, the holdings of the Arrowhead Reservoir Company (which had been transferred to a new corporation, the Arrowhead Reservoir and Power Company) were purchased by the Lake Arrowhead Company, a syndicate headed by Benton Van Nuys, a prominent Los Angeles entrepreneur. The new owners completed the dam and developed the lake and adjacent lands into a resort. Over the next thirty years, the area flourished as a fashionable summer resort for the rich and famous. Exclusive hotel and recreation facilities were constructed and lands adjacent to the lake were subdivided for private residences. In 1946, the property holdings of the Lake Arrowhead Company were sold to the Los Angeles Turf Club, which, in turn, sold out to the Lake Arrowhead Development Company in 1960. Since then, there have been several changes in ownership and most of the land has been subdivided into residential lots. The lake is now owned by the Arrowhead Lake Association, which has exclusive rights for use of Lake Arrowhead. Only property owners in the Arrowhead Woods area of Lake Arrowhead are eligible to pay a membership fee to utilize the various Lake Arrowhead recreational facilities. The original Lake Arrowhead Community Plan was adopted in August, 1981. The plan was intended as a short range plan to implement those portions of the General Plan that directly affected the community of Lake Arrowhead. The 1989 General Plan update proposed that comprehensive community plans be incorporated into the General Plan and Development Code, however, full incorporation was not completed due to budget and staff constraints. The Phase I Scoping of the 2006 General Plan update recommended that the community plan program be reinstated to help fulfill the need for development guidance of certain unique communities within the County. The Lake Arrowhead community was selected as one of 13 areas that would have a community plan prepared in conjunction with Phase II of the San Bernardino County General Plan update.


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